USA & Canada

Vast Landscapes, Soaring Skyscrapers, Big Attractions and an Abundance of National Parks

The USA and Canada are two of the largest countries in the world offering vast landscapes, soaring skyscrapers, big attractions and an abundance of national parks.

Whether you want to hit the bustling cities or explore the epic landscapes of the many National Parks, it is impossible not to be won over by the USA. The country’s cities offer spectacular skyscrapers, fantastic restaurants and great shopping. The national parks are geological wonders with mountains, canyons, vast forests and thundering rivers. There are some truly stunning beaches on all of the Pacific, Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coastlines.

Canada offers visitors some of the best scenery in the world with snow-capped mountains, a stunning Pacific Ocean coastline and emerald green lakes. Wildlife viewing is excellent, and the country has some surprisingly interesting cities to explore. Outdoor activities range from hiking to skiing.