South America

Probably One of the Most Perfect Destinations for Adventure Holidays

From the beaches of Costa Rica to the famous Machu Picchu in Peru. South America is most probably one of the most perfect destinations for adventure holidays, exploring ancient wonders of the world, street carnivals in Rio and the rainforests of the Amazon.


Brazil is a vast country and its highlights are many. Visitors often choose to concentrate on the most well-known attractions such as Rio de Janeiro, the Amazon and the mighty Iguazu Falls. Bordering Argentina, Iguazu also combines well with a stay in Buenos Aires.


Peru offers an inspiring blend of history and culture along with alluring landscapes and wildlife. The magnificent Andes are home to the remains of the Inca civilisation with Machu Picchu the highlight for many visitors although there are many ruins scattered throughout the Sacred Valley.


Argentina offers a wonderfully diverse range of attractions, places to visit and wildlife, its sheer size means that you can explore tropical landscapes as well as glacial ones. Buenos Aires is a captivating city with distinct neighbourhoods, great food, great wine and of course great nightlife.